Article 4. Funding of California Penal Code >> Title 9. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 4.

Implementation of this chapter pursuant to Section 8060 is contingent upon the availability of funding. Funding for community-based punishment programs shall be administered by the board from funds appropriated by the Legislature. In addition to state funds appropriated in the annual Budget Act or other legislation, programs may be funded from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, the following:
  (a) Federal funds for community-based punishment programs.
  (b) Private or corporate grants, or both.
  (c) Service and administrative fees that may be charged to offenders who participate in community corrections programs, provided that no offender shall be denied entrance into a community-based punishment program solely for inability to pay fees.
  (d) Income derived from community development corporations established as part of community-based punishment programs of a county or collaboration of counties, including, but not limited to, revenue generated by businesses owned and operated by community-based punishment programs, or by offender work programs, or by both, after the cost of operating and administering the business or work program has been paid.
  (e) Other sources as may be identified as suitable for funding community corrections. It is the intent of the Legislature that community corrections reduce the number of offenders who would be incarcerated in the state prison in the absence of a community-based punishment approach.
(a) From the amount of money appropriated for purposes of this chapter to the board, the board shall allocate block grants to counties or collaborations of counties that have passed a community corrections resolution, have applied for funding, and have complied with the administrative process as prescribed by the board.
  (b) Each county or collaboration of counties shall maintain a complete and accurate accounting of all funds received pursuant to this section. These funds shall be used only for community-based punishment programs as authorized by this chapter and shall be used only as permitted by the regulations and guidelines established by the board.
  (c) Unexpended funds provided to counties shall be returned to the board and may be reallocated by the board.
The board, in collaboration with its member and constituent agencies and departments, shall seek startup funding for community-based punishment planning and programming from public and private sources commencing as soon as practicable.
The board shall monitor the expenditures and funds of participating counties and collaborations of counties to determine whether the funds are being expended in accordance with all the requirements of this chapter. If the board finds that a participating county or collaboration of counties is not acting in accordance with all of the requirements of this chapter, it shall notify the county or collaboration of counties regarding the points of noncompliance, and the county or collaboration of counties shall have 60 days to explain or justify its actions in writing to the board. If the explanation is not satisfactory or if the point of noncompliance cannot be promptly cured in the opinion of the board, the board may issue a notice of noncompliance and may suspend payment of the funds to be allocated to the county or collaboration of counties under this chapter.