Division 1. Purpose And Preliminary Matters of California Public Contract Code >> Division 1.

The Legislature finds and declares that placing all public contract law in one code will make that law clearer and easier to find. Further, it is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this code to achieve the following objectives:
  (a) To clarify the law with respect to competitive bidding requirements.
  (b) To ensure full compliance with competitive bidding statutes as a means of protecting the public from misuse of public funds.
  (c) To provide all qualified bidders with a fair opportunity to enter the bidding process, thereby stimulating competition in a manner conducive to sound fiscal practices.
  (d) To eliminate favoritism, fraud, and corruption in the awarding of public contracts.
California public contract law should be efficient and the product of the best of modern practice and research.
To encourage competition for public contracts and to aid public officials in the efficient administration of public contracting, to the maximum extent possible, for similar work performed for similar agencies, California's public contract law should be uniform.