Article 5. Award Of Contracts of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 5.

On the day named in the public notice, the department shall publicly open the sealed bids and award the contracts to the lowest responsible bidders. In the case of bids opened by a district director, pursuant to Section 10141, he shall report the contents thereof to the director. In all other respects, the contracts shall be awarded as are other contracts.
If the successful bidder fails to execute the contract, his bidder's security shall be forfeited to the state. The cash or proceeds shall be deposited in the fund out of which the expenses of preparation and printing of the plans and specifications, estimates of cost, and publication of notice are paid.
If the director deems it is for the best interests of the state, he may, on the refusal or failure of the successful bidder to execute the contract, award it to the second lowest responsible bidder. If the second lowest responsible bidder fails or refuses to execute the contract, the director may likewise award it to the third lowest responsible bidder. On the failure or refusal of the second or third lowest bidder, to whom a contract is so awarded, to execute it, his bidder's security shall be likewise forfeited to the state.
The failure of the successful bidder to furnish any bond required of him by law, within the time fixed for his execution of the contract, constitutes a failure to execute the contract.
The bidders' security of the second and third lowest responsible bidders may be withheld until the contract has been finally executed. The cash, cashier's checks and certified checks submitted by all other unsuccessful bidders shall be returned to them within 10 days after the contract is awarded, and their bidders' bonds shall be of no further effect.
If the director deems the acceptance of the lowest responsible bid or bids is not for the best interests of the state, after stating his or her reasons for rejecting the bid or bids, the director may reject all bids and proceed by day's labor or advertise for other bids in the manner required by this part.
(a) This section shall be known, and may be cited, as the "Fair Chance Employment Act."
  (b) Any person submitting a bid to the state on a contract involving onsite construction-related services shall certify that the person will not ask an applicant for onsite construction-related employment to disclose orally or in writing information concerning the conviction history of the applicant on or at the time of an initial employment application.
  (c) This section shall not apply to a position for which the person or the state is otherwise required by state or federal law to conduct a conviction history background check or to any contract position with a criminal justice agency, as that term is defined in Section 13101 of the Penal Code.
  (d) This section shall not apply to a person to the extent that he or she obtains workers from a hiring hall pursuant to a bona fide collective bargaining agreement.