Article 7.2. Public Works Contract Arbitration Committee of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 7.2.

There is hereby established the Public Works Contract Arbitration Committee, which shall consist of seven members, as follows:
  (a) Three public members, who shall be appointed by the Governor, each of whom shall have at least ten years' experience with a general contracting firm engaged, during that period, in public works construction in California.
  (b) The directors of the Departments of General Services, Transportation, and Water Resources shall each appoint a member, who shall be a state officer or employee within their respective departments. Each member shall serve at the pleasure of the director who appointed the member.
  (c) The Director of the Office of Administrative Hearings shall be a nonvoting member of the Public Works Contract Arbitration Committee.
Each member appointed by the Governor shall serve for a term of four years, but shall continue in office until the successor to the member is appointed. Each member shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for travel and other expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of the member's duties.
The committee may make recommendations to the departments respecting the arbitration practice and procedure provided by Article 7.1 (commencing with Section 10240). The departments shall consult and confer with the committee respecting the content of the uniform regulations governing the conduct of arbitrations under Article 7.1 (commencing with Section 10240) and shall consider the recommendations in adopting uniform regulations pursuant to Section 10240.5.
The committee may establish standards and qualifications for the certification of arbitrators and certify as arbitrators persons meeting such standards and qualifications. The committee may remove persons from its list of certified arbitrators.
The Office of Administrative Hearings shall provide administrative services, facilities, and fiscal support to implement this article and Article 7.1 (commencing with Section 10240). The cost thereof shall be recovered through filing fees imposed for each arbitration.