Article 5. Remedies And Penalties of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 2.1. >> Article 5.

Every contract or other transaction entered in violation of any provision of this chapter is void, unless the violation is technical or nonsubstantive.
The University of California, or any person acting on behalf of the university, may bring a civil action seeking a determination by the superior court that a contract or other transaction has been entered in violation of any provision of this chapter. If the court finds substantial evidence of a violation, it may issue a temporary injunction to prevent any further dealings upon the contract or other transaction, pending a final determination on the merits of the case. If the action results in a final determination that the contract or other transaction has been entered in violation of this chapter, it shall be void, and the state or person bringing the action shall be awarded costs and attorney's fees. This section shall not be construed to permit an award of costs and attorney fees to the person or entity contracting or otherwise transacting with the university.
Any officer or employee of the University of California who corruptly performs any official act under this chapter to the injury of the university is guilty of a felony.
Any person contracting with the University of California by oral or written contract who corruptly permits the violation of any contract made under this chapter is guilty of a felony.
Persons convicted under Section 10522 or 10523 are also liable to the University of California for double the amount the university may have lost or be liable to lose by reason of the acts made crimes by this article.
Willful violation of any other provision of this chapter shall constitute a misdemeanor.
Sections 10522, 10523, 10524, and 10525 of this article do not apply to violations of Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 10510.4) of this chapter.