Article 6.5. Public Utility Districts of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 6.5.

The provisions of this article shall apply to contracts by public utility districts as provided for in the Public Utility District Act pursuant to Division 7 (commencing with Section 15501) of the Public Utilities Code.
A district may make contracts, employ labor, and do all acts necessary and convenient for the full exercise of its powers.
All bidders shall be afforded an opportunity to examine such plans and specifications, and the board shall award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder. The plans and specifications adopted shall be attached to and become part of the contract.
The person or corporation to whom the contract is awarded shall execute a bond, to be approved by the board, for the faithful performance of the contract.
All bids for construction work submitted pursuant to this article shall be presented under sealed cover and shall be accompanied by one of the following forms of security:
  (a) Cash.
  (b) A cashier's check made payable to the district.
  (c) A certified check made payable to the district.
  (d) A bidder's bond executed by an admitted surety insurer, made payable to the district. Upon an award to the lowest bidder, the security of an unsuccessful bidder shall be returned in a reasonable period of time, but in no event shall that security be held by the district beyond 60 days from the time the award is made.
In case of an emergency, the board shall respond to the emergency pursuant to Chapter 2.5 (commencing with Section 22050) if notice for bids to let contracts will not be given.
Nothing in this article prohibits the board from doing or causing to be done directly by the district, and without any contract, any or all work necessary or proper in or about the making of all current and ordinary repairs or in or about current and ordinary upkeep or maintenance.
Upon the determination of the board by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of its members that all bids submitted are unsatisfactory or are excessive, the district may do any necessary and proper work and make any necessary and proper expenditures in lieu of contracting for the performance of such proposed work.
Plans and specifications when once adopted shall not be altered or changed in any manner whereby the cost of the proposed work is increased, except by a majority vote of the board.
A contract made under this article shall not be altered or changed in any manner, except when first ordered by a vote of two-thirds of the board, and with the consent of the contractor. The particular change or alteration shall be specified in writing and its cost agreed upon between the board and the contractor. In no case shall the board pay or become liable to pay for any extra work done or extra material furnished.
Except as otherwise provided in this article, the board may annually advertise for sealed bids for furnishing the district with goods, merchandise, stores, subsistence, printing, materials, and all other supplies, and advertising. The advertisement shall be published pursuant to Section 6062 of the Government Code in the county in which the greater part of the district is situated.
All bids shall be upon a schedule prepared by the clerk, showing all articles needed by the district and its several offices and stating separately the price of each article to be furnished. Any person may bid upon any article separately.
Notices of proposals for furnishing articles shall mention the articles in general and shall state that the conditions and schedule may be found in the office of the clerk of the district and that the articles are to be delivered at such times, in such quantities, and in such manner as the board may designate.
The clerk shall furnish printed blanks for all proposals and contracts.
In considering bids the board may accept or reject all or any of them, or may accept or reject part of a bid, preference being given to the lowest responsible bidder. The award as to each article shall in all cases be made to the lowest bidder for such article.
All supplies furnished the district or its officers shall be furnished at a price no greater than is specified in the bid accepted by the board.
All bids shall be opened by the board at an hour and place to be stated in the advertisements for proposals, in the presence of all bidders who attend, and the bidders may inspect the bids.
All contracts shall be made with the lowest responsible bidder. Bidders for construction contracts shall give bonds for the faithful performance of the construction contract.
"Advertising" means the advertising and publication of all official reports, orders, ordinances, resolutions, notices inviting proposals, and all notices of every nature relating to work or business of the district. Advertising shall not be classified. No part or kind of advertising shall be charged or contracted for at a higher rate than any other part or kind is charged or contracted for, except in the case of the delinquent tax list. The advertising of the delinquent tax list shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder on a separate bidding from all other advertising. A square of advertising shall be 234 ems nonpareil.
No officer or employee of the district shall order any article or make any publication which is not expressly authorized by this division or by the board.
Unless the amount involved in the purchase at any one time of any articles for which no contract has been entered into exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), the board may purchase the articles without the necessity of advertising or letting contracts. Where the cost of any articles for which no contract has been entered into exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000), the board shall advertise for sealed bids for furnishing the district the articles. In the matter of advertising, opening and accepting bids, and the letting of contracts, the board shall proceed in all respects in the manner and form provided in the case of contracts for annual supplies.