Article 43.1. Redevelopment Agencies of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 43.1.

The provisions of this article shall apply to contracts awarded by entities as provided in Part 1 (commencing with Section 33000) of Division 24 of the Health and Safety Code.
Any work of grading, clearing, demolition, or construction undertaken by the agency shall be done by contract after competitive bids if the cost of that work exceeds the amount specified in Section 20162, as that section presently exists or may be hereafter amended. With respect to work of grading, clearing, demolition, or construction that is not in excess of that amount, the agency may contract the work without competitive bids, and in contracting the work may give priority to the residents of the redevelopment project areas and to persons displaced from those areas as a result of redevelopment activities.
All bids for construction work shall be presented under sealed cover and shall be accompanied by one of the following forms of bidder's security:
  (a) Cash.
  (b) A cashier's check made payable to the local agency.
  (c) A certified check made payable to the local agency.
  (d) A bidder's bond executed by an admitted surety insurer, made payable to the agency. Upon an award to the lowest bidder, the security of an unsuccessful bidder shall be returned in a reasonable period of time, but in no event shall that security be held by the local agency beyond 60 days from the time the award is made.
(a) To the greatest extent feasible, opportunities for training and employment arising from any contract for work to be performed in connection with any redevelopment project shall be given to the lower income residents of the project area.
  (b) An agency with a resident population of less than 1,000 persons in its territorial jurisdiction, and with a secured assessed valuation of not more than thirty million dollars ($30,000,000) as shown on the 1978-79 assessment roll, may, by contract, obligate lessees and purchasers of real property acquired in a redevelopment project and owners of property improved as part of a redevelopment project to give preference to training and employment, in businesses to be conducted on the property, to residents of the project area upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon. In the event that there is an agreement between the employer and a labor organization which restricts the employer's ability to employ project area residents, then such labor organization shall give preference as to entry into the particular labor organization, and with respect to employment in a business on the property, to residents of the project area otherwise qualified.
An agency shall require each successful bidder to file with it good and sufficient bonds, to be approved by it. The bonds shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance of the contract and upon the payment of all claims for labor and material in connection with the contract. The bonds shall contain the terms and conditions set forth in Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 9550) of Title 3 of Part 6 of Division 4 of the Civil Code and are subject to the provisions of that chapter.