Article 71. Orange County Water District of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 3. >> Chapter 1.5. >> Article 71.

This article shall apply to contracts by the Orange County Water District, as provided for in Chapter 924 of the Statutes of 1933.
The district shall not be bound by any contract except as hereinafter provided unless the same shall be made in writing approved by resolution of the board of directors and properly executed by its officers who have been so authorized to do by the district. The approval of the form of all contracts shall be endorsed thereon by an attorney for the district.
The district may prescribe methods for the construction of works and for the letting of contracts for any of the following purposes:
  (a) The construction of works, structures, or equipment.
  (b) The performance or furnishing of labor, materials, or supplies, necessary or convenient for carrying out any of the purposes of this act.
  (c) The acquisition or disposal of any real or personal property. When work is not to be done by the district itself by force account, and the amount involved is forty thousand dollars ($40,000), or more, any contract for the doing of the works shall be made by the district with the lowest and best bidder after the publication pursuant to Section 6061 of the Government Code in a newspaper of general circulation published within the district, of a notice calling for bids and fixing a period during which bids will be received, which shall be not less than 10 days after the publication of the notice. The district may reject any and all of the bids presented and may readvertise in its discretion. After rejecting bids, or if no bids are received, the district may determine and declare that in its opinion, based on estimates submitted by the engineer for the district, any work may be performed better or more economically by the district with its own employees, or after hiring additional employees. After the adoption of a resolution to this effect by at least seven affirmative votes of the directors of the district, the district may proceed to have that work done in the manner stated and without further observance of the provisions of this section.
(a) Contracts may be let or work undertaken without advertising for bids in an emergency.
  (b) In case of an emergency, if notice for bids to let contracts will not be given, the board of directors shall comply with Chapter 2.5 (commencing with Section 22050).
Contracts, in writing or otherwise, for the acquisition or disposal of any real property, for the acquisition or leasing of personal property, the purchase of water to replenish the groundwater supplies of the district, the repair of district equipment or structures, and for legal, engineering, and other professional services may be let without calling for competitive bids.
(a) The district shall require a person to whom the district awards a contract as a result of advertising for bids to enter into a bond, with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the board, payable to the district for its use, for at least 25 percent of the amount of the estimated contract price, conditioned for the faithful performance of the contract.
  (b) The general manager of the district may require a person to whom the district awards a contract without advertising for bids to enter into a bond in accordance with subdivision (a).
  (c) The work shall be done under the direction and to the satisfaction of the district engineer, and be subject to approval by the board.