Part 4. Arbitration Of Public Works Contract Claims of California Public Contract Code >> Division 2. >> Part 4.

As used in this part:
  (a) "Public works contract" means, except for a contract awarded pursuant to the State Contract Act (Part 2 (commencing with Section 10100)), a contract awarded through competitive bids or otherwise by the state, any of its political subdivisions or public agencies for the erection, construction, alteration, repair, or improvement of any kind upon real property.
  (b) "Claim" means a demand for monetary compensation or damages, arising under or relating to the performance of any public works contract.
Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the terms of any public works contract may include at the time of bidding and of award a provision for arbitration of any claim pursuant to Article 7.1 (commencing with Section 10240) of Chapter 1 of Part 2.