Article 1. Board Of Supervisors of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 12. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 1.

(a) The government of the district shall be vested in a board of directors which shall consist of 12 members, as follows:
  (1) Two representatives of the county and one alternate who shall be members of the board of supervisors of the county, appointed by the board of supervisors.
  (2) Five representatives of the City of San Jose and one alternate who shall be city council members of the City of San Jose, appointed by the city council.
  (3) Five city council members selected from among the city councils of all of the cities in the county, other than the City of San Jose, as provided by agreements among those cities. The agreements may provide for the appointment of alternates, who shall be city council members, for those city representatives.
  (b) An alternate may vote in the place of a director represented by that alternate if the director is absent.
  (c) To the extent possible, the appointing powers shall appoint individuals who have expertise, experience, or knowledge relative to transportation issues.
Except as otherwise provided, the term of office for each director shall be two years and until the appointment and qualification of his or her successor. A successor shall be appointed not later than 30 days immediately upon the expiration of a director' s term. The first directors shall include those who are members of the board of directors of the Santa Clara County Congestion Management Agency as of January 1, 1995, and their terms shall be equal to the time that otherwise would remain in their congestion management agency offices. A vacancy exists whenever a director ceases to hold office on the city council or board of supervisors from which he or she was appointed. Any vacancy shall, within 60 days of its occurrence, be filled for the balance of the term by the body that made the original appointment.
The board of directors shall annually elect a chairperson who shall preside at all meetings. The board of directors shall also annually elect a vice chairperson, who, in the event of the chairperson's absence or inability to act, shall act as chairperson, and while so acting, shall have all of the authority of the chairperson.
The board shall establish rules for its proceedings. A majority of the members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and no act of the board shall be valid unless at least seven concur therein. The acts of the board shall be expressed by motion, resolution, or ordinance. All meetings of the board shall be conducted in the manner prescribed by the Ralph M. Brown Act, Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 54950), Part 1, Division 2, Title 5 of the Government Code.
(a) No ordinance, except an urgency ordinance, shall be passed by the board on the day of its introduction, nor within three days thereafter, nor at any time other than at a regular or adjourned regular meeting. The enacting clause of all ordinances shall be as follows: "The Board of Directors of the Santa Clara County Transit District ordains as follows:"
  (b) All ordinances shall be signed by the chairperson of the board or the vice chairperson and attested by the secretary. Before the expiration of 15 days after the passage of an ordinance, it shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the district as provided by law for ordinances adopted by counties. An order entered in the minutes of the board that the ordinance has been duly published is prima facie proof of publication.
  (c) Urgency ordinances shall be adopted in the same manner as provided by law for the adoption of urgency ordinances by counties.
The board may fix the amount of compensation to be paid each member of the board for services and for each meeting attended by the member. The compensation shall not exceed one hundred dollars ($100) for each meeting of the board attended by the member or for each day's service rendered as a member by request of the board, not exceeding a total of six days in any calendar month, together with any expenses incident thereto.