Chapter 2. Definitions of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 13. >> Chapter 2.

Unless the context otherwise specifically requires, the definitions set forth in this chapter shall govern the construction of this part.
"District" means the Golden Empire Transit District formed under the provisions of this part.
"Board" means the board of directors of the district.
"County" means the County of Kern.
"Board of supervisors" means the board of supervisors of the county.
"Voter" means any elector who is registered to vote under the provisions of the Elections Code and who resides within the territory proposed for formation of the district or within the territory comprising the district after its formation.
"Transit" means the transportation of passengers by any means and includes the transportation of the incidental baggage of passengers.
"Transit works" or "transit facilities" means any and all real or personal property, equipment, rights or interests acquired, constructed, leased, purchased, owned or otherwise operated by the district for transit purposes and including any future acquisition of any of the same in any manner.
"Commission" means the local agency formation commission, of the county.
"Existing system" means any transit service or system of a publicly or privately owned public utility, or division thereof, operating entirely within the district or at least 40 percent of whose revenue vehicle miles for the preceding calendar year were operated within the district, but does not include a charter-party carrier or the charter service of a passenger stage corporation.