Article 4. Rights In Public Lands And Waters of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 5. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 4.

There is granted to every municipal corporation of the State the right of way for the location, construction, and maintenance of water works and works for the generation and distribution of electrical power, and for every necessary adjunct thereto, over any swamp, overflowed, or other public lands of the State not otherwise disposed of or in use, not in any case exceeding in length or width that which is necessary for the construction of the works or adjuncts, or for the protection thereof, and not in any case exceeding 100 feet in width along each side of the marginal limits of the works or adjuncts.
There is granted to every municipal corporation of the State the right to take from any of the lands belonging to the State adjacent to the works of such corporation, all materials, such as wood, stone, and earth, naturally appurtenant thereto, which are necessary and convenient for the original construction of the works and adjuncts.
There is granted to every municipal corporation of the State the right to take, in the manner provided by law, any waters belonging to the State, not otherwise disposed of, flowing or existing in any stream or lake intersected, crossed, or tapped by its water works, so far as is necessary to give such municipality and its inhabitants an ample supply of water for all municipal, domestic, irrigation, and manufacturing purposes.
If the route or location of any works or adjuncts is changed so as not to cover or cross the lands selected under this article, or the use of the land selected is abandoned, the selected lands revert, and the title thereto is reinvested in the State or its grantees free from all such uses.
When any selection of a right of way or land is made under this article by any municipal corporation, the legislative body thereof shall transmit to the State Lands Commission, State Controller, and recorder of the county in which the selected lands are situated, a verified plat of the lands selected, giving the extent thereof and the uses for which the lands are claimed or desired. If approved, the State Lands Commission shall so endorse the plat and issue to the corporation a permit to use the right of way and lands, unless on petition properly presented to a court of competent jurisdiction a review is had and such use prohibited.