Article 5. Transit Facilities And Service of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 15. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 5.

The district may provide transit service within or without the district for the transportation of passengers and their incidental baggage and parcels by any means.
The district may operate charter bus service subject to the following limitations:
  (a) No bus equipment which is designed solely for charter service shall be purchased. A bus equipped with a toilet or underfloor baggage compartment shall be deemed charter equipment.
  (b) The board shall hold a public hearing prior to adopting a charter rate schedule or any amendment thereof. Notice of the hearing shall be mailed to each charter-party carrier operating within the district at least 30 days prior to the hearing. The notice shall include the proposed charter rate schedule. At the close of the public hearing, the board may adopt charter rate schedules which shall not be less than the average for the three largest private charter-party carriers operating similar service in the district.
  (c) Charter service shall originate and terminate within the area served by the district unless a private charter-party carrier requests the district to provide service beyond the area served by the district.
The district may acquire, construct, own, operate, control, or use rights-of-way, rail lines, buslines, stations, platforms, switches, yards, terminals, parking lots, and any and all facilities necessary or convenient for transit service within or without the district, underground, upon, or above the ground and under, upon, or over public streets or other public ways or waterways, together with all physical structures necessary or convenient for the access of persons or vehicles thereto, and may acquire any interest in, or rights to, the use or joint use of any or all of the foregoing.
The district may lease, or contract for the use of, its transit facilities, or any portion thereof, to any operator, and may provide for subleases by such operator upon such terms and conditions as it deems in the public interest. The word "operator," as used in this section, means any public agency or any person.
The board may contract with any public agency or person to provide transit facilities and services for the district.
The district may construct and operate, or acquire and operate, transit works and facilities in, under, upon, over, across, or along any state or public highway, or any stream, bay, or watercourse, or over any of the lands which are the property of the state, to the same extent that such rights and privileges appertaining thereto are granted to municipalities within the state.
The district may enter into agreements for the joint use of any property and rights by the district and any public agency or public utility operating transit facilities and may enter into agreements with any public agency or public utility operating any transit facilities, wholly or partially within or without the district, for the joint use of any property of the district or of such public agency or public utility, or the establishment of through routes, joint fares, transfer of passengers, or pooling arrangements.
The rates and charges, if any, for transit service furnished pursuant to this part shall be fixed by the board and shall be reasonable.
The district shall be subject to the provisions of Division 14.8 (commencing with Section 34500) of the Vehicle Code with respect to the operation of buses and to the rules and regulations enforceable by the Department of the California Highway Patrol pursuant to that chapter regulating the safe operation of buses.
The district and any one or more school districts located within the district may enter into agreements pursuant to which school transportation equipment may be used for transit purposes within the district during any time that such equipment is not actually required for school purposes.
No interconnection shall be made into fixed right-of-way facilities of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District without the approval of the voters of the district at an election called for the purpose of securing such approval. Any fixed right-of-way facilities shall be in compliance with Section 66515.5 of the Government Code.