Article 1. Establishment of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 1.

The general manager shall adopt a civil service system for the selection, examination, employment, classification, advancement, suspension, and discharge of employees included in the "district civil service."
The general manager shall adopt rules and regulations to carry out the purposes of the civil service provisions of this division and may from time to time amend existing rules. Except as otherwise provided herein such rules shall govern applications, examinations, eligibility, duration of eligible lists; certifications of eligibles; appointments; promotions; transfers; resignations; layoffs or reductions in force, both permanent and temporary, due to lack of work or funds, retrenchment, or completion of work; the filling of positions, temporary, seasonal, and permanent; classification; and such other matters as are not in conflict with the civil service provisions of this division.
The rules and regulations or any proposed amendments thereto shall be in writing and a copy thereof shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office of the district and shall not become effective until 20 days after the posting thereof. The board may require that such rules and regulations or amendments thereof be submitted to it for approval prior to posting. Any person interested may within 10 days after such posting file written objections to such proposed rules or amendments, or any part thereof, with the general manager, in which event the rules or amendments shall not become effective until the general manager has given notice of a hearing and heard objections thereto and announced his decision on the objections.
The civil service provisions of this chapter do not apply to any district until such time as it has operated, controlled, or used works or parts of works for the providing of any of the utility services specified in this division. A civil service system may, however, be adopted at any time after the district commences to operate, control, or use works or parts of works for the providing of any of the utility services specified in this division, and such system shall be adopted within six months thereafter.
The "district civil service" includes every employee of the district except all of the following:
  (a) Officers elected by the people.
  (b) Officers, assistant officers, and other persons and employees appointed by the board of directors.
  (c) Temporary construction employees.
  (d) Part-time employees.
  (e) The unfilled positions (not to exceed 15) requiring peculiar and exceptional qualifications, including those of a scientific, professional, or expert character or of special confidence, as may be exempted from "district civil service" upon the recommendation of the general manager approved by the board.
  (f) Limited-term employees appointed for a period not to exceed two years. Limited-term appointments may be extended for an additional period not to exceed two years upon approval of the general manager.
  (g) Employees occupying positions determined to be exempt from the district civil service pursuant to Section 11887.1.