Article 1. Corporate Power of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 6. >> Article 1.

A district has perpetual succession and may adopt a seal and alter it at pleasure.
A district may sue and be sued, except as otherwise provided by law, in all actions and proceedings, in all courts and tribunals of competent jurisdiction.
(a) Except as specified in subdivision (b), any judicial action or proceeding against a district that provides electric utility service, to attack, review, set aside, void, or annul an ordinance, resolution, or motion fixing or changing a rate or charge for an electric commodity or an electric service furnished by a district and adopted on or after July 1, 2000, shall be commenced within 120 days of the effective date of that ordinance, resolution, or motion.
  (b) The statute of limitations specified in subdivision (a) does not apply to any judicial action or proceeding filed pursuant to Chapter 13.7 (commencing with Section 54999) of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the Government Code to protest or challenge a rate or charge or to seek the refund of a capital facilities fee if the notice and disclosure requirements of Section 54999.35 of the Government Code have not been followed.
A district may exercise the right of eminent domain to take any property necessary or convenient to the exercise of the powers granted in this division.