Article 2. Definitions of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 6.5. >> Article 2.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the provisions of this article govern the construction of this chapter.
"Bonds" includes the meaning of "notes, certificates and other evidences of indebtedness" and in every case refers only to bonds issued under this chapter, whether so specified or not.
"Refund" includes the meaning of "extend" and "renew."
"Assented to by the voters" means that the proposition indicated by the context has been submitted to the voters of the district, and has been assented to by a majority of those voters who voted upon that proposition at the election.
"Payments on principal" means payments on account of the principal of bonds, whether upon maturity or by payments into a sinking fund on account of principal, and includes premiums required to be paid on the mandatory redemption of sinking fund bonds.