Article 5. Other Officers of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 7. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 5.

The officers of the district, other than the board of directors, are:
  (a) A clerk, who is also ex officio secretary of the board.
  (b) An accountant.
  (c) A treasurer.
  (d) A general manager.
The officers, other than the board of directors, shall be appointed by the board, hold office at its pleasure, and receive such compensation as is provided for by the board by ordinance. They, or any of them, shall give such bond as is prescribed by the board. They shall perform such duties as are provided by this division, and such further duties as are imposed upon them by the board.
When the district acquires, constructs, owns, or operates two or more public utilities, a general manager may be appointed and employed for each public utility.
Subject to such restrictions as the board may impose, the general manager shall have full charge and control of the construction of the works of the district and of their maintenance and operation. He shall report to the board in accordance with such rules and regulations as it may adopt.
The clerk shall countersign all contracts on behalf of the district. He shall give his full time during office hours to the affairs of the district. He is ex officio secretary of the board and shall keep a record of its proceedings.
The accountant shall install and maintain a system of auditing and accounting which completely and at all times shows the financial condition of the district. He shall draw all warrants to pay demands made against the district when the demands have been first approved by a majority of the board present at the meeting at which the demands are acted upon.