Article 6. District Elections of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 7. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 6.

The biennial election for the election of directors shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd-numbered years. This election is the general district election.
Except as otherwise provided in this division, districts governed by this division are subject to the provisions of the Uniform District Election Law.
No person may vote at any district election unless he possesses all the requirements of an elector under the general laws and is a qualified elector residing within the district.
If land is annexed to a district, the board shall reestablish the boundaries of the units and election precincts within the district not less than 90 days before any election in the district. The reestablished boundaries shall include the annexed land in the same manner and with the same effect as set forth in Sections 15953 to 15964, inclusive. If land is annexed less than 90 days before an election within the district, the inhabitants of the land included shall not vote at the election.
Whenever a special election is called pursuant to Articles 1 or 2 of Chapter 5 for the purpose of submitting to the electors a proposition, the board shall pass an ordinance calling the election.
At the special election all propositions formulated pursuant to Articles 1 or 2 of Chapter 5 may be submitted to the electors of the district, but no question other than such propositions shall be submitted.
The ordinance calling the election shall set forth the following:
  (a) The purposes for which it is called.
  (b) The estimated cost of each utility or utility works proposed for acquisition, construction, or completion by the district.
  (c) The proposed method and manner of payment.
  (d) The day on which the election will be held.
  (e) The manner of holding the election.
  (f) The manner of voting for or against each proposition submitted to the electors.
  (g) If it is necessary to incur a district indebtedness for any utility or public utility works therein proposed, the objects and purposes for which the indebtedness is proposed to be incurred, and that bonds of the district shall issue for the payment of the cost of such utility or public utility works, if the proposition is accepted by the electors.
The election shall be held as provided for holding elections in the district.