Article 7. Employees of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 7. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 7.

The maximum time of labor or service required of any laborer, workman, or mechanic employed upon any work of the district, whether employed directly by the district and its officers, or by a contractor or subcontractor, shall be eight hours during any one calendar day, except in case of emergency.
The board shall fix the hours of labor or service required of all employees of the district, and their compensation, and shall employ all necessary employees or may by ordinance provide for their employment by the several officers of the district.
The board shall classify all places of employment under the district and its offices and departments, with reference to the examinations provided by this article, except as provided in Section 16196. The places classified by the board are the classified civil service of the district, and appointments to civil service places shall be made according to the rules provided by this article.
The board shall make rules to effect a civil service system, and for examinations, appointments, promotions, and removals, and from time to time may make changes in existing rules. All rules and all changes shall be forthwith printed for distribution by the board.
Examinations shall be practical, and shall relate to those matters only which will fairly test the relative capacity of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the positions which they seek, and shall include, when appropriate, tests of manual or professional skill. The selection of laborers shall be governed by priority of application as far as practicable. No question in any examination shall relate to political or religious opinions or affiliations. The board shall control all examinations.
The manager, engineer, clerk, accountant, and treasurer shall not be included within the classified civil service of the district.