Article 1.5. State Aeronautics Board of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 9. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 1.5.

(a) The State Aeronautics Board is hereby abolished, and the California Transportation Commission succeeds to, and is vested with, all the duties, powers, purposes, responsibilities, and jurisdiction vested in the State Aeronautics Board.
  (b) Any reference in any law or regulation to the State Aeronautics Board shall be deemed to refer to the California Transportation Commission.
  (c) The California Transportation Commission shall have the possession and control of all licenses, permits, leases, agreements, contracts, orders, claims, judgments, records, papers, equipment, supplies, bonds, moneys, funds, appropriations, buildings, land and other property, real or personal, held for the benefit, use, or obligation of the State Aeronautics Board.
Any person or entity injured or aggrieved by any procedure or action of the department with respect to aeronautics may appeal to the California Transportation Commission for relief, and the decision of the commission as to such matter shall, after hearing thereon, be conclusive, subject to such review as may be otherwise provided by law. This section shall not apply to any procedure or action for which a hearing pursuant to Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 11500) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code is specified in this part as the means for reviewing or finalizing the procedure or action.