Article 1. Accident Report of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 9. >> Part 5. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 1.

The operator of any aircraft involved in an accident within this state in which any person is killed or injured or damage in excess of four hundred dollars ($400), is sustained to the property of any person, other than property owned by the owner or operator, or in his care, custody or control, or carried in or on the aircraft, shall immediately but not later than 15 days after the accident report the matter in writing to the department. If the operator is physically incapable of making the report, the owner of the aircraft involved in the accident, shall immediately but not later than 15 days after learning of the accident, make the report. If neither the operator nor the owner is physically capable of making the report, then each passenger shall, within 15 days after learning of the incapacity of the operator or owner, make the report. If the owner or operator dies as a result of the accident, the legal representative of the operator or owner shall make the report within 15 days after his qualifications. The sheriff of the county in which the accident occurred, or the chief of police of the city in which the accident occurred, as the case may be, shall notify the department in writing immediately but not later than 15 days after learning of the accident.
The report, the form of which shall be prescribed by the department, shall include information to enable the department to determine whether the requirements for the deposit of security under Article 2 (commencing with Section 24325) are inapplicable by reason of existence of insurance or other exceptions specified in this part. The department may rely upon the accuracy of the information until it has reason to believe that the information is erroneous.
The operator and the owner shall furnish such additional information as the department may require.