Article 5. Annexation Of Territory To Cities of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 8. >> Article 5.

Upon the completion of the annexation of any territory in accordance with law to any city included or partially included in the district, the city clerk shall file with the secretary of the district a certified copy of the ordinance, resolution or other document completing said annexation, containing a description of the territory so annexed. Unless the district within 90 days after such filing shall file with the city clerk the district's written objections to the annexation to the district of said territory or portion thereof, such territory, or portion thereof, not objected to by the district shall, upon the termination of such period be deemed incorporated into and annexed to the district, and thereafter is subject to taxation, along with the entire territory of the district in accordance with the assessable valuation of the property thereof, for general district purposes, and for the payment of any indebtedness theretofore or thereafter incurred by the district.
If the district shall file its objections in the manner aforesaid to the annexation to the district of such territory or portion thereof, the territory, or portion thereof, shall not be annexed to the district except in the manner provided in Articles 1 (commencing with Section 26401), 2 (commencing with Section 26421), 3 (commencing with Section 26451) and 4 ( commencing with Section 26486) of this chapter. The district may withdraw such objections by filing with the city clerk a certified copy of a resolution of the board stating that such objections are withdrawn. Thereupon said territory, or portion thereof, shall be deemed incorporated into and annexed to the district as provided in Section 26511.