Article 11. Reorganization Of Corporations Organized Pursuant To Other Laws of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 1. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 11.

Any corporation which is organized or existing pursuant to any other law may be brought under this chapter by amending its articles of incorporation, in the manner which is prescribed by the general corporation laws, to conform to this chapter. If any corporation amends its articles of incorporation to conform to this chapter, it is deemed to be organized and existing pursuant to, entitled to the benefit of, and subject to, this chapter for all purposes and as fully as though it had been originally organized pursuant to this chapter.
Articles of incorporation are deemed to conform to this chapter within the meaning of Section 3291 in both of the following cases:
  (a) It is provided or declared in the articles of incorporation, in substance, regardless of form, that the corporation is organized and exists as a nonprofit cooperative corporation for the purposes which are provided for in, or permitted by, this chapter, or one or more of those purposes.
  (b) It clearly appears from the articles of incorporation that the corporation desires to be subject to, and to be organized, exist, and function pursuant to, this chapter.
If the amended articles conform, as provided in Section 3222, provisions in the articles of incorporation that appeared in the original articles or some previous amended articles are ineffective if, and to the extent that, they are inapplicable to, or inconsistent with, this chapter.
This article applies retrospectively as well as prospectively, and may be availed of by a corporation regardless of the time of incorporation, whether prior or subsequent to the adoption of this article, and shall apply to amendments to articles of incorporation whether made prior or subsequent to the adoption of this article, and all amendments made prior to the adoption of this article shall be effective and valid to the same extent as though made subsequent to the adoption of this article.