Article 5. Generation Facilities of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 1.5. >> Chapter 3. >> Article 5.

In evaluating the eligibility for financing of additional generation facilities, the authority shall utilize the Energy Commission's and the Independent System Operator's, or their successor's, information relating to the need for additional generating facilities and their forecasts of electric supply and demand for the state.
(a) All generation-related projects and enterprises financed pursuant to this division shall provide electricity to the consumers of this state at the cost of generating that electricity, including the costs of financing those projects or enterprises. To the extent that electricity is not needed in the state, or that it is financially advantageous to California consumers, the electricity may be sold outside the state at just and reasonable rates.
  (b) If a participating party is an electrical corporation, the commission shall determine the cost of generating electricity and to which entities the electricity is sold.
  (c) If a participating party is a local publicly owned electric utility seeking to provide electricity to consumers in its service territory, the governing board of that utility shall determine the cost of generating electricity and to which entities the electricity is sold.
  (d) If neither subdivision (b) nor subdivision (c) applies, the authority shall determine the cost of generating electricity and to which entities the electricity is sold, consistent with subdivision (a).
In addition to the other powers provided in this division, the activities of the authority under this article are intended to supplement private and public sector power supplies, taking into account generation facilities in operation or under development as of the effective date of this section, consistent with achieving reasonable energy capacity reserves within five years of the effective date of this division.
The authority shall have the authority to receive and act on applications for financial assistance from owners of existing powerplants whose owners or operators commit to undertake capacity expansion through facility retrofits, new construction, or both, that will improve the efficiency and environmental performance of generation facilities.
All generation facilities constructed or improved pursuant to this division shall comply with Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 1720) of Part 7 of Division 2 of the Labor Code.
The authority may not invest in any nuclear facilities or develop additional hydroelectric facilities without first receiving specific statutory authorization to do so on a project-by-project basis.
(a) If the authority determines under Section 3350 that additional electric generation supply is required to meet the purposes of this division, the authority may undertake the following activities to ensure that the authority, or any participating party, is able to build, own, and operate generation facilities as part of a least cost electric supply policy:
  (1) Identify suitable sites for the construction of generation facilities, taking into account fuel supply, interconnection, community, and environmental factors.
  (2) Secure rights to the sites identified, including, but not limited to, fee simple acquisition, leaseholds, or options.
  (3) Conduct any studies that may be necessary to construct and operate generation facilities at the site, including, but not limited to, environmental, engineering, or feasibility studies.
  (4) Conduct, in coordination with the Energy Commission, all applicable public and community involvement processes.
  (5) Apply for permits, licenses, or other local, state, or federal approvals, including, but not limited to, compliance with the applicable procedures of the Energy Commission.
  (b) The authority may request proposals from qualified participating parties to purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire sites for the purpose of developing generation facilities that will provide the lowest cost power to consumers over the life of the facilities, consistent with Section 3351.
  (c) The authority shall comply with all applicable air quality laws and regulations and the Warren-Alquist State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act (Division 15 (commencing with Section 25000) of the Public Resources Code).