Article 1. General Provisions And Definitions of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 2.5. >> Article 1.

This chapter may be cited as the Private Carriers of Passengers Registration Act.
(a) For purposes of this chapter, "private carrier" means a not-for-hire motor carrier, as defined in Section 408 of the Vehicle Code, who transports passengers and is required to obtain a carrier identification number pursuant to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code, but does not include persons providing transportation services specified in subdivision (k) or (l) of Section 5353.
  (b) For purposes of this chapter, "department" means the Department of the California Highway Patrol.
The Department of Motor Vehicles and the State Board of Equalization shall furnish, upon request, whatever information from their records may be required to assist the commission and department in the effective enforcement of this chapter.