Article 2. General Provisions of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 2.

It is necessary that a transit district be established in Orange County in order to provide an interim solution to the transit problem of this area pending inclusion, if at all, of Orange County into the Southern California Rapid Transit District. The problem is unique in that presently there are several existing transportation facilities serving various parts of the area but independently operated, without interchange of transportation services, and without possibility of merger. The geographic location of the area requiring transportation services makes it necessary to develop a single transit system to protect the public interest. It shall be the ultimate purpose of the Orange County Transit District to establish, when financing therefor becomes feasible, a permanent rapid transit system designed to be part of a unified Los Angeles-Orange County areawide regional system. When such permanent system is planned it shall incorporate physical characteristics necessary for full compatibility with the system of the Southern California Rapid Transit District, and unified management of the operations of such an areawide system shall be provided. Such unified management may be provided by management or operating contract with, or by annexation of the Orange County Transit District to, the Southern California Rapid Transit District or by any other lawful means; and shall take into full account the financial burdens already assumed by the citizens of the area comprising the Los Angeles Rapid Transit District to establish its system, which should be recognized in the operation of the unified system. The share of such financial burdens to be assumed by the Orange County Transit District, determined by its board by agreement with the board of the Southern California Rapid Transit District to be in the best mutual interest of the citizens of the two districts, may be made payable out of bond proceeds (subject to authorization of the bonds at an election), tax levies or any other available funds and may be made payable at such times and upon such rate of interest and other terms as shall be agreed between the boards of the two districts.
The Orange County Transit District as created and established by the voters of the County of Orange comprises all that portion of the County of Orange lying within the exterior boundaries thereof.
Except as otherwise provided in this part elections shall be held and conducted and the result ascertained, determined, and declared in all respects as nearly as practicable in conformity with the general election laws of the state.
Except as otherwise provided in this part all ordinances and notices which are required to be published shall be published within the district pursuant to Section 6066 of the Government Code.
Whenever the signature of any officer or employee of a district or of any member of the retirement board or of any officer or employee of the retirement system is authorized or required under the provisions of this part, except in the single instance provided in Section 40243, the signature may be made by the use of a plate bearing facsimilies of such signatures.