Article 2. Registration of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 2. >> Chapter 2.5. >> Article 2.

Except as provided in Section 4008, no private carrier of passengers shall operate a motor vehicle on any public highway in this state unless its operation is currently registered with the commission. The commission shall grant registration upon the filing of the application and the payment of the fee as required by this article, subject to the private carrier of passengers' compliance with this chapter.
A fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) shall be paid to the commission for the filing of the initial registration of private carriers of passengers, and an annual renewal fee of thirty dollars ($30) shall also be paid by private carriers of passengers. The fees required to be paid by carriers of passengers pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the Public Utilities Commission Transportation Reimbursement Account in the General Fund.
(a) When the department issues a carrier identification number pursuant to Section 34507.5 of the Vehicle Code to a private carrier of passengers, it shall inform the carrier of the provisions of this chapter and the requirement that the carrier register with the Public Utilities Commission.
  (b) The department shall periodically, but not less frequently than quarterly, transmit to the commission a list of the persons, firms, and corporations identified as private carriers of passengers to whom it has issued a carrier identification number. Upon receipt of the list, the commission shall notify the private carriers of passengers of the registration requirements and of the penalties for failure to register.
The State of California and its agencies and political subdivisions are exempt from the registration requirements of this chapter.