Chapter 6.5. Existing Systems of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 4. >> Chapter 6.5.

As used in this chapter:
  (a) "Establish" includes establish, construct, complete, acquire, extend, or reroute. It does not, however, include the maintenance and operation of any existing system acquired by the district.
  (b) "Existing system" means any transit service or system of a publicly or privately owned public utility situated entirely within Orange County, or at least 75 percent of whose revenue vehicle miles for the preceding calendar year were operated within Orange County, and has been in operation since at least January 1, 1982.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, before the district may propose to establish any transit service or system which may at any time divert, lessen, or compete for the patronage or revenues of any existing system, the district shall give a written notice to the public utility which is operating the existing system. The written notice shall describe the transit service or system which the district proposes to establish and shall state the time within which the district proposes to establish the service or system.
The district shall not establish the proposed service or system, or maintain and operate the service or system until it has completed the purchase of the existing system or any part thereof.
The purchase price to be paid for the existing system, or any portion thereof to be purchased, shall be the reproduction cost new, including going concern value, at the date upon which the district commences negotiations for the purchase of the existing system, or the portion of the existing system, less depreciation, including wear, tear, and obsolescence, if any.
The district and the public utility operating the existing system may agree upon the purchase price or they may agree that the purchase price is to be established by arbitration and upon the method of naming arbitrators and the method of conducting such arbitration. If they do not, the purchase price may be fixed and judgment entered thereon in a suit brought either by the public utility or the district in the superior court in and for the county in which is located that portion of the existing system to be acquired by the district which has the highest value.
Section 851 does not apply to any contract for sale or sale of an existing system, or any portion thereof, pursuant to this chapter, and the Public Utilities Commission has no jurisdiction with respect thereto.