Article 4. Video Service Franchises of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 1. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 2.5. >> Article 4.

(a) For purposes of this article, "state franchise," "video service," and "video service provider" shall have the same meaning as those terms are defined in Section 5830.
  (b) The Public Utilities Commission Video Franchising Account is hereby created in the Public Utilities Commission Utilities Reimbursement Account.
The commission shall annually determine a fee to be paid by an applicant or holder of a state franchise pursuant to Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 5800). The annual fee shall be established to produce a total amount equal to that amount established in the authorized commission budget for the same year, including adjustments for increases in employee compensation, other increases appropriated by the Legislature, and an appropriate reserve to carry out the provisions of Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 5800), less the amount to be paid from reimbursements, federal funds, and any other revenues, and the amount of unencumbered funds from the preceding year.
(a) The commission shall establish the fee pursuant to Section 441 with the approval of the Department of Finance. The commission shall specify the amount of its budget to be financed by the fee in its annual budget request.
  (b) The fee shall be determined and imposed by the commission consistent with the requirements of Section 542 of Title 47 of the United States Code.
  (c) All fees collected by the commission pursuant to this section shall be transmitted to the Treasurer at least quarterly for deposit in the Public Utilities Commission Video Franchising Account.
  (d) The commission shall maintain those records as are necessary to account separately for all fees and charges, including the fees authorized by Section 441.
  (e) The commission shall authorize refunds of the fees provided for in this article when the fees were collected in error.
(a) The commission may require a video service provider subject to this article to furnish information and reports to the commission, at the time or times it specifies, to enable it to determine the fee pursuant to Section 441.
  (b) Any video service provider required to submit information and reports under this article may, in lieu thereof, submit information or reports made to any other governmental agency if all of the following are met:
  (1) The alternate information or reports contain all of the information required by the commission.
  (2) The requirements to which the alternate reports or information are responsive are clearly identified.
  (3) The information or reports are certified by the video service provider to be true and correct.
(a) If a video service provider subject to this article is in default of the payment of any fee required by this article for a period of 30 days or more, the commission may suspend or revoke the state franchise of the video service provider or order the video service provider to cease and desist from conducting all operations subject to the franchising authority of the commission. The commission may estimate from all available information the appropriate fee and may add to the amount of that estimated fee, a penalty not to exceed 25 percent of the amount, on account of the failure, refusal, or neglect to prepare and submit the report or to pay the fee, and the video service provider shall be estopped to complain of the amount of the commission's estimate.
  (b) Upon payment of the fee so estimated and penalty, if applicable, the state franchise of the video service provider suspended in accordance with this section shall be reinstated or the order to cease and desist revoked. The commission may grant a reasonable extension of the 30-day period to any video service provider upon written application and a showing of the necessity of the extension.
  (c) Upon revocation of any state franchise or issuance of an order to cease and desist pursuant to this section, all fees in default shall become due and payable immediately.
  (d) The commission may bring an action, in its own name or in the name of the people of the state, in any court of competent jurisdiction, for the collection of delinquent fees estimated under this article, or for an amount due, owing, and unpaid to it, as shown by report filed by the commission, together with a penalty of 25 percent for the delinquency.