Article 4. Election of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 7. >> Chapter 2. >> Article 4.

Upon adoption of the resolution or of a sufficient petition, the board of supervisors shall hold a hearing on the question of forming a Marin County Transit District. All interested persons shall be given an opportunity to express their views at the hearing.
The board of supervisors shall have the power to exclude areas which in the board's determination would not receive reasonable benefit from inclusion in the district. Incorporated areas shall not be divided but shall be as a whole either included or excluded from the district.
After the conclusion of the hearing, the board of supervisors shall in case of initiation by petition and may in case of initiation by resolution call an election within the proposed district for the purpose of determining whether the proposed district will be created and established.
The board of supervisors shall publish notice of the election within the proposed district.
The notice shall state the name of the proposed district, and describe the boundaries thereof.
The ballot for the election shall contain such instructions as are required by law to be printed thereon and in addition thereto the following:
----------------------------------+---------+----- | | Shall the "Marin County Transit | YES | District" be created and | | established? +---------+----- | NO | ----------------------------------+---------+-----
No person shall be entitled to vote at the election unless he is a voter of the territory included in the proposed district.
The election may be held on the same day as any other state, county, or city election, and be consolidated therewith.
The board of supervisors shall meet on the Tuesday next succeeding the day of the election and canvass the returns.
The board of supervisors shall make all provisions for the holding of the election throughout the district as proposed, and the cost of said election shall be a charge against the general funds of the county.