Article 1. Adequate Water Service of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 4. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 1.

Any water company having a franchise to use the streets of a city, shall properly and adequately serve with water the inhabitants of the territory for the service of which it has such franchise. As used in this section, to "properly and adequately serve with water" includes furnishing water of a quality meeting or exceeding standards established by the State Department of Health pursuant to Section 4026 of the Health and Safety Code.
If the commission has jurisdiction of extensions and service in the city it shall enforce a compliance with Section 8201. If the commission does not have such jurisdiction, then the governing body of the city shall adopt rules to enforce a compliance with Section 8201.
In addition to the penalties which may be provided by the governing body of a city for failure to comply with such regulations adopted by it, any person aggrieved by the failure of any water company to comply with such regulations may recover, by civil action against such water company, twice the amount of damages he may sustain by reason of such failure.
"Water company" as used in this article, includes any person, firm, or private corporation engaged in the business of supplying water for domestic use within any city.