Article 2. General Provisions of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 8. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 2.

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the State of California to develop transit system districts in the various metropolitan areas within the state for the benefit of the people. A necessity exists within San Diego County for such a system. Because there is no general law under which this district could perform this distinct function, only a specially created district can operate effectively in the San Diego metropolitan area. Because of the unique problem presented by that metropolitan area, the adoption of a special act and the creation of a special district is required.
The San Diego County Transit District may be created as provided in this part and when so created may exercise the powers herein granted.
Except as otherwise provided in this part, elections shall be held and conducted and the result ascertained, determined, and declared in all respects as nearly as practicable in conformity with the general elections laws of the state.
Except as otherwise provided in this part, all ordinances and notices which are required to be published shall be published within the district pursuant to Section 6066 of the Government Code.
Whenever the signature of any officer or employee of a district or of any member of the retirement board or of any officer or employee of the retirement system is authorized or required under the provisions of this part, except in the single instance provided in Section 90623, the signature may be made by the use of a plate bearing facsimiles of such signatures.
The district is hereby designated a rapid transit district and the transit facilities and services the district is authorized to acquire, own, operate, control, or use are designated a rapid transit system, for the purposes of Part 15 (commencing with Section 35001) and Part 16 (commencing with Section 36000) of Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.