Article 3. Approval By City of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 8. >> Chapter 8. >> Article 3.

At any time after the board has finally approved the agreement of annexation the legislative body of the city to be annexed shall cause an election to be held in the city to determine whether the city will be annexed to the district upon the terms and conditions stated in the agreement.
The city shall cause to be held, concurrent with the annexation election, an election for the purpose of selecting one board member for the district in the event the annexation is successful. The initial member elected to represent the city on the board of directors shall serve until a successor is elected at the next succeeding election of directors within the city and qualifies.
Notice of election shall be published as provided in Section 6066 of the Government Code and shall either state that a copy of the annexation agreement is on file in the office of the secretary or clerk of the city proposed to be annexed, and open to the inspection of all persons interested, or set forth the terms and conditions of the agreement of annexation at length, in the discretion of the legislative body calling the election.
The ballots for the election shall contain substantially the instructions required to be printed on ballots for use at general state and county elections and in addition shall set forth the proposition of annexation substantially as follows:
----------------------------+---------+--------- | | Shall the __________ (city) | | be annexed to the San Diego | | County Transit District in | | accordance with and subject | YES | to all of the terms and | | conditions of an agreement | | of annexation dated ______ | | now on file in the office | | of the clerk of | | ________ (city)? +---------+--------- | NO | ----------------------------+---------+---------
If upon a canvass of the election it is found that a majority of all votes cast on the proposition at the election were cast in favor of the annexation, the proposition and all of the terms and conditions of the agreement of annexation shall be deemed carried and approved by the voters.
If the proposition fails to carry, the result shall be entered upon the minutes of the governing body of the city.
If the proposition receives the vote of the requisite majority of voters, the governing body of the city shall enter in its minutes an order declaring the result of the election and shall thereupon cause the agreement of annexation to be executed by its duly authorized officers.