Article 5. Annexation Without Election of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 8. >> Chapter 9. >> Article 5.

Unincorporated territory may be annexed to a district without an election in the manner provided in this article.
A petition describing the territory proposed to be annexed and requesting that proceedings be taken for its annexation shall be signed by all of the owners of the real property described therein, verified by the affidavit of one of the petitioners, addressed to the board, and filed with the secretary of the district. If a portion of the territory consists of public highways, streets, roads or paths, it shall not be necessary to secure the signatures to the petition of the owners only of the real property occupied by such public highways, streets, roads or paths.
Proceedings shall thereafter be taken and a hearing held in substantial compliance with the provisions of this chapter relating to the annexation of unincorporated territory except that no election shall be held within the territory proposed to be annexed and the territory shall be deemed annexed to the district upon the passage of a resolution of the board declaring the territory annexed and the filing of a certified copy thereof with the Secretary of State.