Article 3. Issue And Sale of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 10. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 3.

The bonds may be issued and sold for not less than their par value, but otherwise as the board determines. Before selling any bonds, or any part thereof, the board shall give notice inviting sealed bids in such manner as the board may prescribe. If satisfactory bids are received, the bonds offered for sale shall be awarded to the highest responsible bidder. If no bids are received, or if the board determines that the bids received are not satisfactory as to the price or responsibility of the bidders, the board may reject all bids received, if any, and either again give notice inviting bids or sell the bonds at private sale.
All premiums and accrued interest received on the sale of bonds shall be placed in the fund to be used for the payment of principal of and interest on the bonds. The remainder of the proceeds of the bonds shall be placed in the district treasury to the credit of the proper fund, and shall be used exclusively for the objects or purposes for which the bonds were voted; provided that when such objects and purposes have been accomplished any moneys remaining shall be transferred to the fund to be used for the payment of principal and interest on the bonds shall have been paid, any balance of money then remaining shall be transferred to the general fund of the district.
In lieu of the immediate levy of a tax to pay the interest or any part thereof on any bonded indebtedness incurred in accordance with this part the board may, in the estimate of the amount of money necessary to be raised by the bonds, include a sum sufficient to pay interest on all of the bonds or part thereof during the period of acquisition, construction, or completion, but for no period in excess of five years.