Article 5. Status As Investments of California Public Utilities Code >> Division 10. >> Part 10. >> Chapter 7. >> Article 5.

All bonds including refunding bonds issued by a district are legal investments for all trust funds and for the funds of all insurance companies, banks, both commercial and savings, and trust companies, and for the State School Fund and for all sinking funds under the control of the State Treasurer. Whenever any money or funds may be invested in or loaned upon the security of the bonds of the district; and whenever bonds of cities, cities and counties, counties, or school districts by law may be used as security for the faithful performance or execution of any court or private trust or of any other act, bonds of the district may be used.
All bonds of the district, to the same extent as bonds of any other municipality, are legal for use by any other municipality, are legal for use by any state or national bank or banks in the state as security for the deposit of funds of the state or of any county, city and county, city, municipality or other public or municipal corporation within the state.