Article 1. Policy And Interpretation of California Unemployment Insurance Code >> Division 1. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 1.

As a guide to the interpretation and application of this division the public policy of this State is declared as follows: Experience has shown that large numbers of the population of California do not enjoy permanent employment by reason of which their purchasing power is unstable. This is detrimental to the interests of the people of California as a whole. The benefit to all persons resulting from public and private enterprise is realized in the final consumption of goods and services. It is contrary to public policy to permit the supply of consumption goods and services at prices which do not provide against that harm to the population consequent upon periods of unemployment of those who contribute to the production and distribution of such goods and services. Experience has shown that private charity and local relief cannot alone prevent the effects of unemployment. Experience has shown that if the State awaits the coming of excessive unemployment it can neither create immediately the organization necessary to orderly, economical and effective relief nor bear the financial burden of relief without disrupting its whole system of ordinary revenues and without jeopardizing its credit. The Legislature therefore declares that in its considered judgment the public good and the general welfare of the citizens of the State require the enactment of this measure under the police power of the State, for the compulsory setting aside of funds to be used for a system of unemployment insurance providing benefits for persons unemployed through no fault of their own, and to reduce involuntary unemployment and the suffering caused thereby to a minimum. It is the intent of the Legislature that unemployed persons claiming unemployment insurance benefits shall be required to make all reasonable effort to secure employment on their own behalf.
This part is a part of a national plan of unemployment reserves and social security, and is enacted for the purpose of assisting in the stabilization of employment conditions. The imposition of the tax herein imposed upon California industry alone, without a corresponding tax being imposed upon all industry in the United States, would, by the corresponding penalty upon California industry, defeat the very purposes of this law as set forth in this article. Therefore when existing federal legislation which provides for a tax upon the payment of wages by employers in this State, against which all or any part of the employer contributions required under this part may be credited is repealed, amended, interpreted, affected or otherwise changed in such manner that no portion of such contributions may be thus credited, then upon the date of such change, the provisions of this part requiring employer contributions and providing for payment of unemployment compensation benefits shall cease to be operative and any assets in the Unemployment Fund or Unemployment Administration Fund shall in the discretion of the State Treasurer be held in the then existing depositaries or otherwise in the State Treasury. In the case of the Unemployment Administration Fund, such money may thereafter be dealt with by the State Treasurer pursuant to the conditions of the grant thereof to the State by the United States Government or agency thereof.
All the rights, privileges or immunities conferred by this division or by acts deemed pursuant thereto shall exist subject to the power of the Legislature to amend or repeal this division at any time.