Chapter 4. Contributions of California Unemployment Insurance Code >> Division 1. >> Part 2. >> Chapter 4.

Each individual performing services for an employer in employment shall contribute to the Disability Fund the contributions required of such individual by Sections 984 and 985.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, any individual who adheres to the faith or teaching of any bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization, and in accordance with its creed, tenets, or principles, depends for healing upon prayer in the practice of religion, upon filing with the department and with each of his employers a statement declaring such adherence and dependence and disclaiming any benefits under this part, shall be exempt from contributions under this division in respect to any wages paid to him by any such employer in the calendar quarter in which such statement is filed, in all subsequent calendar quarters while such statement is in effect, and, if the individual so elects, in any prior calendar quarter for which wages are reported to the department on or after the date such statement is filed. Such individual shall be ineligible to receive benefits under this part based upon such wages.
The time, procedure, manner of payment and collection of contributions under this part shall be in accordance with the provisions of Part 1 of this division.