Article 2. Definitions of California Unemployment Insurance Code >> Division 3. >> Part 1. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 2.

Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions in this article govern the construction of this division.
"Department" means the Employment Development Department, which may also be referred to as the Department of Employment Development.
"Director" means the Director of Employment Development.
"State agency" means those agencies enumerated in Section 11000 of the Government Code.
"Job training and placement services" or "job training and placement programs" means any job training, placement, or related services administered or supervised by or provided under contract with the department, directly calculated to increase employability or improve the employment of the individual.
"Unemployed person" means a person who lacks a bona fide employment, suffers economic deprivation because of lack of employment, and is employable or capable of being made employable through the services available under this part.
"Underemployed person" means a person who has a bona fide employment but whose employment, be it full time, or part time, or intermittent, is insufficient to provide an income adequate to avoid economic deprivation.
"Economic deprivation" means annual income insufficient to enable the family or individual to meet a table of income criteria adopted by the director, which takes appropriate factors into account, including, but not limited to, the level indicated by multiplying by 3 the cost of the Low Cost Food Plan of the United States Department of Agriculture for the Western Region of the United States.
(a) "Economically disadvantaged area" means an area which meets all of the following requirements:
  (1) It is composed of contiguous census tracts within or partly within an urbanized area as defined by the most recent federal census for which statistics are available.
  (2) In the area 20 percent of the families report annual income less than four thousand dollars ($4,000) according to the most recent federal census for which statistics are available.
  (3) The area has a population of not less than 25,000.
  (b) "Economically disadvantaged area" also includes any portion of an area if:
  (1) Such portion is within or partly within an urbanized area but because of technical factors such portion cannot be isolated as a census tract or tracts or cannot be isolated as a "contiguous" census tract; and
  (2) The total area when such portion is included meets the requirements of paragraphs (2) and (3) of subdivision (a) of this section.
  (c) The director shall periodically review the definition set forth in this section and Section 9110, and he shall recommend necessary changes to the Legislature and the Governor.
"Eligible person" means an unemployed person or underemployed person who resides in an economically disadvantaged area or resides outside of an economically disadvantaged area but who resides in a county in which an economically disadvantaged area exists and qualifies under criteria established by the director.
"Economically displaced persons" means those persons who have been subjected to an involuntary layoff or separation from their employment, and who have not quit voluntarily or been dismissed for disciplinary reasons.