Section 5112 Of Article 8.5. Environmental License Plates From California Vehicle Code >> Division 3. >> Chapter 1. >> Article 8.5.

. (a) The department shall revise its Internet Web site to provide a direct link on the homepage to information on ordering environmental license plates.
  (b) The department may provide links on its Internet Web site to other Internet Web sites that have information regarding the protection and management of ocean and coastal resources and other programs that are supported with funds from the Environmental License Plate Fund.
  (c) When existing supplies of forms, publications, and signs have been depleted, or if those forms, publications, and signs are required to be revised in the normal course of operations, the department shall include in the replenishing supplies or the revised forms, publications, and signs, information regarding environmental license plates and the procedures for applying for those plates. This subdivision applies only to forms, publications, and signs, that advertise, facilitate the application for, or are an application for environmental license plates.