Section 14910 Of Article 2. Collection Of Fees From California Vehicle Code >> Division 6. >> Chapter 5. >> Article 2.

. (a) The department shall, with the consent of the applicant, collect the amounts which it has been notified are due pursuant to Sections 40509 and 40509.5, and any service fees added to those amounts, at the time it collects from the applicant any fees and penalties required to issue or renew a driver's license or identification card.
  (b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), the department shall remit all amounts collected pursuant to subdivision (a), after deducting the administrative fee authorized in subdivision (c), to each jurisdiction in the amounts due to each jurisdiction according to its notices filed with the department. Within 45 days from the time payment is received by the department, the department shall inform each jurisdiction which of its notices of failure to appear or failure to pay have been discharged.
  (c) The department shall assess a fee for posting the bail on each notice of failure to appear or failure to pay which is given to the department pursuant to Section 40509 or 40509.5, in an amount, as determined by the department, that is sufficient to provide a sum equal to its actual costs of administering this section, not to exceed one dollar ($1) per notice. The fees shall be assessed to each jurisdiction on a regular basis by deducting the amount due to the department pursuant to this subdivision from the bails and fines collected pursuant to subdivision (a), prior to remitting the balance to each jurisdiction pursuant to subdivision (b).
  (d) Except as provided in subdivision (e) of Section 13364, if bail is collected under this section for the violation of any provisions of this code, the person shall be deemed to be convicted of those sections violated.
  (e) Any amounts collected by the department under this section are nonrefundable by the department.
  (f) Notwithstanding Section 42003, payment of bail to the department in accordance with this section shall be paid in full and not in installments.