Article 7. Presentence Investigation of California Vehicle Code >> Division 11.5. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 7.

(a) Upon any conviction of a violation of Section 23152 or 23153, any judge of the court may order a presentence investigation to determine whether a person convicted of the violation would benefit from one or more education, training, or treatment programs, and the court may order suitable education, training, or treatment for the person, in addition to imposing any penalties required by this code.
  (b) In determining whether to require, as a condition of probation, the participation in a program pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 23538, subdivision (b) of Section 23542, subdivision (b) of Section 23548, subdivision (b) of Section 23552, subdivision (b) of Section 23556, subdivision (b) of Section 23562, or subdivision (b) of Section 23568, the court may consider any relevant information about the person made available pursuant to a presentence investigation, which is permitted but not required by subdivision (a), or other screening procedure. That information shall not be furnished to the court by any person who also provides services in a privately operated, approved program or who has any direct interest in a privately operated, approved program. In addition, the court shall obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles a copy of the person's driving record to determine whether the person is eligible to participate in an approved program.
  (c) The Judicial Council shall adopt a standard form for use by all courts, defendants, and alcohol or drug education programs in certifying to the court that the person has achieved both of the following:
  (1) Enrolled within the specified time period.
  (2) Successfully completed any program required by Section 23538 or 23556.