Section 6161 Of Article 2. Inspection And Cancellation Of Titles For Exported Vehicles From California Vehicle Code >> Division 3. >> Chapter 2.5. >> Article 2.

. For the purposes of this act, the term:
  (a) "Certified record of permanent exportation" shall include the following:
  (1) Titled owner's name and address.
  (2) Description of the vehicle, including year, make, body type, vehicle identification number, license registration number, and state registration.
  (3) Destination of vehicle.
  (4) Purpose of export, whether sale, lease, or personal use.
  (b) "Declaration that the vehicle will not be permanently located outside the United States" shall include the items specified in paragraphs (1) to (3), inclusive, of subdivision (a), and shall also state the period of time for which it is anticipated that the vehicle will be outside the United States.
  (c) "Export" means the shipping or transporting of a vehicle out of the United States by means other than its own power or that of a vehicle drawing or towing it.
  (d) "Owner" means the owner of record indicated in a certificate of title issued by this state and includes an agent of that owner acting under a valid power of attorney executed by an owner.
  (e) "Title" means the certificate of ownership issued by the department pursuant to Section 4450, but excludes a salvage certificate as described in Section 11515 and an acquisition bill of sale as described in Section 11519.
  (f) "Vehicle" means every device designed for transportation of persons or property upon land, for which a certificate of title is required.