Section 8202 Of Article 6. Enforcement Of Liens On Apportioned Fleet Vehicles From California Vehicle Code >> Division 3. >> Chapter 4. >> Article 6.

. (a) Within 30 days of the date the notice is mailed pursuant to Section 8201, the registrant may submit documentation not previously available or may request a hearing to contest the existence or the amount of the lien. If no additional documentation is submitted, or if no hearing is requested, the operating privileges of the fleet may be suspended or canceled and a sufficient number of vehicles may be seized and sold to satisfy the lien.
  (b) If additional documentation is submitted, the department shall review the documentation and issue its findings to the registrant. Within 30 days of the date the findings are mailed, the registrant may request a hearing.
  (c) If a hearing is requested, 10 days' notice shall be given of the time and place of the hearing, which shall be held within the county of residence of the person requesting the hearing or within the county of the established place of business of the registrant. The hearing shall be conducted by a referee who shall submit findings and recommendations to the director or his or her authorized representative, who shall decide the matter. The decision shall be effective on notice thereof to the interested parties. However, the director, or his or her authorized representative, may rescind the decision and reconsider the matter for good cause shown at any time within three years after the date the disputed fee or penalty first became due, or one year from the hearing whichever is later.
  (d) Upon final completion of all administrative appeals, the department shall give written notice to the registrant of the right to a review of the decision by a court of competent jurisdiction. Any action brought in court shall be commenced within 90 days from the date notice of the decision is mailed.